Friday, July 29, 2011

a week in passing

Another week has slipped by. I cant remember much of what i have dreamed as of late. I have been down all week getting over tonsilitus, my tablets that i usually take didnt mix with the ones the dr prescribed so I was sleeping up to 16 hrs a day. I spent most of the week zonked out in bed. Though I managed in that time create two cakes... black forest and beautiful cup cakes for louises 30th. They turned out rather beautifully.

I am feeling a bit better today, I managed to go out for breakfast, i had a crossiant with jam and a vanilla latte which was farrrrr toooo milky for me. ergh. Left me feeling a little ill and having sick burps for most of the afternoon. Im whinging a lot here, i know, i know. I have not really cooked any meals this week.. mum has been when she gets home from work.. i will turn over a new leaf and cook and cook next week. I was given a whole bag of lemons so im out to make curd perhaps tomorrow when my headache goes.

I introduced mum to holumi cheese the other day.. delish. i would say i served it with some lemon wedges yummy yummy yummy. Im going to fry up the rest of it in the coming days, i served it with a plain salad. I was a little bored this afternoon so I went shopping on etsy.. that cheered me up no end... i'm still half there. Im looking at birthday presents and things for myself... i found THE perfect gonna soooooo buy for ME ME ME.. Bloody am so annoyed with myself... my phone credit got taken away from me. So im starting again.... grrrrr

Welpers I think i'm going to go back to etsy now


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