Wednesday, August 3, 2011

new found

I have stayed home the past few days... working again on new pieces... ive been looking on the net at art and have been inspired to create again. Im using card stock a huge back log of it sitting in my wardrobe that had to be used as im not buying anymore until mos tof my supplies are used.

I went to the opshops found a few bags that im going to attempt to alter and then to the two dollar shop where i bought this patterned junky looking coaster a fly swatter and some spare sauce bottles for paint. So i have some textual elemtents that i can add. I found some wood in the garage too and a few bits and bobs about in supply draws

I did do a bit of potato stamping.. not very well though! So when I got home I had lunch and started painting. I grabbed the spray paint that dad uses on the car and got the coaster and some paper and sprayed aorund it.. it will make a lovely looking piece i have to buy black spray paint tomorrow.

Welpers back to work for me now..


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