Friday, August 19, 2011


The dog slept next to me on the bed last night I woke up early this morning and she was still there curled up uncovered. I watched the end of Upstairs Downstairs the last episode, then got up and took a walk down the street and back. I went down to to get flowers, this flower man has been there since I was kid and he is still going now.. as i always rock up to get them at 10 and find the scraps not today! I got three bunches of flowers 2 lots of irises and one lot of pink carnations for $17 you can't do that at the florist. Walked home managed to do do that in record time which was 45 minutes no too bad.

I then went out for breakfast with mum aunt anna and uncle victor... had my one latte for the day. Im trying to cut back coffee wise.. I generally drink tea and well lately ALOT of coke... eeepp. I bought these cute lil glass tea cups too. Im setting up my watercolours and will start soon, though its almost midday now.

I am addicted to this album of dance music at the moment. Its really great. Don't have much techno on my ipod but this is good stuff. A little dated but good to walk to... I think I will go back to curves, though id prefer to swim in all honesty perhaps I shall next week.

Ive been replaying those images in my head again...of way back in the day they race around my brain. So for the moment I will leave it at that....

ciao for now

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