Friday, August 19, 2011


Had quite a productive day.. went out to the op shops... browsed around... watching up stairs down stairs atm also which is very very good. I love it. Witty with serious issues of the time. I love that era and wish i was had the sylphish body i used to have when I was 19ee *Sighs* so i could carry that 1940s look. I am fat very fat indeed something ive got to start turning around. bla bla my fault bla bla lose weight bla bla... i think its a big cycle to break, i am prepared to do that though im even heading to the gym in the next few weeks i am not sure which one is better but I shall see.

I have noticed that I am loving colour, not so timid i like bold colours striking colours i have all these bloody ideas floating about and im trying to nut them out in my journal. Lalala Ive been using watercolour with ink on good quality paper... the squares im trying to accetuate with silver so as i give them depth. trying the beautiful watercolours im going to make cards out of so i can hop down to the moe market in sept. well that is the plan. Id ultimately love yarragon again. but ill start out here and see where it leads. I am a bit more preparedish.

So lets see now.. gonna go to morwell and check out the gallery spaces at two of the spots there. Id love to go away for a few days... i think I shall arrange it soon.

its fairly late now on friday my fav show on 60 minute makeover gonna go watch that and then bed...

nighty night sleepy tight.

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