Saturday, August 6, 2011

high to low

I was on a bloody high for the past two days. Now i'm crashing i think its from lack of sleep. Ive been tired and feels like things in my life have come crashing down around me. So how to stand on a floor that's almost breaking? How to clutch those straws and emptiness? Trying to create things trying to map out things in my head. Sometimes that seems gone and im left with nothing the taxing toll of living in the valley has made me quite sad. Once again id love to head to the city for a weekend or something. Id love to just catch up with friends.

I keep hearing the anthony bird when I watch taggert. Some comfort of a past life that i did not lead, to quote a great musician clare bowdich sings "buying crap that you don't need to feed a world that will not feed". I know im being quite creative as of late/// making cards til 2am this morning.. go to make a ribbon box too. I have too many to keep up with.

Well lets see.. im thinking and I need to seriously do this go back to the gym... i prefer swimming though i never get to the pool the way im going atm. So these are things i would like to do. Well thats my rant for today...

im off to bed... the alternate world is awaiting

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