Monday, August 15, 2011


Its early morning, im up. Im about to start work on my watercolour pictures. I have not a clue but i love experimenting with it all... might go to the library and borrow some books so I can learn a lil bit. Im painting out my pattern and squares again.. which I so love doing in different shades of blue.

I have written to just about everyone, I just have to post them. Got a new pen pal from ireland now.. which is great see if I get a second letter! SOmetimes people stop writing after one which is a shame. *sighs* I know things have slowed down that way but I have a stack of stamps and I may as well use them.

I love watching cartoons.. so much inspiration. I love colour now. I guess the days of using a lot of black have gone. It was my lil nephews first day of school today.. i wonder what he will take to. Big day! My other lil nephew is as cute as can be with beautiful blue eyes.

I guess I should go start my day now Ive had breakfast and a coffee I have to make the most of it as Lou and Allen are coming home and I'll have to pack up tomorrow.
grrr and then Ill only be drawing for 4 days unless the weather miraculously heats up and I can work outside.

Welpers take care out there


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