Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Things that i ordered off the internet have started arriving. Half of mums present.. am waiting for the other half to arrive i want to tell her bu she doesn't want to know. Well it's off amazon so i guess one can take a stab in the dark. not hard to work that one out. So the earrings arrived for her.. one pair is beautiful but the other pair that i bought her must of been photographed close to them as they were half the size i thought they'd be which is a little on the down side of things. Oh well.

I had suprise in the mail, my friend sent me a lovely print which i shall get framed asap. Im trying not to spend too much money this week so i can buy some nice clothes and coat when I head to the city.I have to fix mums ipod up by then too.. alas its not working for some reason all the cds i tried to put on there wont work. So its a matter of clearing it off the computer and putting it back on.

Any how.. went out for mums bday dinner i chose wrong.. fish and chips.. he fish was rather bland.. not much flavour to it at all. Oh well. I made mum vanilla cupcakes with some pink sugar and some lovely edible pink dragonflies on top with buttercream icing. The were yummy I had 2 of them ergh.

I have watched a good movie called the kids are all right... about one lesbian family.and the kids hunting down their sperm donor biological father. It is a really good film very interesting. I have a lot of movies/tv series to watch so that should keep me amused over the coming months.

Well I have not done much today. No writing, no drawing no painting. Miss my dear friend in nz wish i could go there for a lil holiday and see her. That would be lovely. Anyhow. As it is. am so bloody tired right now , think I need a nap.. i know its 4pm and if i nap now I wont be going to sleep much before midnight.

Well Im off having jacket potatoes for dinner need to grab the stuff out of the fridge for it. Anyhow take care out there


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