Thursday, June 23, 2011


Im out a bit atm. Something in my dreams has been deeply disturbing me all day, the only way of escaping is to wake up stay awake for as long as possible.. and that is what im going to do today. Stay up and up. Im thinking of coffee at midight type thing. Oh well, i know they are dreams but well think sometimes these are visions and glimpses of a darker world.

So i have been going for walks here and there am just looking up things on here on urbanspoon a lot. Reading up on various places. Atm i am trying everywhere to find over the knee stockings and do you think i've had much luck? Hell no (as scott would say) Im also thinking about getting a facial and perhaps a make up session. Im also investing in miricle perfume again, i miss it so! I have no perfume at the moment alas I like miricle it smells delightful.

These are thoughts. I made baked beans for dinner tonight.. tomorrow im experimenting going to make mushroom pate tomorrow and might go see a movie. Anyhow I will write more later. Lalala

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