Saturday, June 18, 2011

a week

So its been just over a week since i last wrote here. I guess I have not been in the mood for drawing as of late, though with whats going on it should inspire me more.. alas i don't know. I have been a bit down myself.

However I found that baking dads birthday cakes today cheered me up a little.. u must try the recipe it makes very rich chocolate mud cakes.. to die for.. served with cream, yum yum. We all bought dad clothes.. scott got dad the best gift photos of little Noah in a book and fridge magnets for us all to enjoy. He is a cute baby.

I had a bit of a nightmare last night, just certain things in my dream that are rather disturbing, im sure it will pass. Or at least I tell myself it shall. I have written to most of my friends this week, snail mail of course.

Mum is making dads fav. for dinner tonight, shepards pie.. an englishman through and through. Well I guess I better get a wriggle on. Take care out there.


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