Thursday, October 13, 2011

odd dreams

So the past few nights i have some very odd dreams... lets see started with one where i was with a friends sister and they put me on a train where I only had stitches for eyes (bit like neil gaimans coraline) and i could only see out of one of them.. for the whole train trip... i couldnt open the other eye no matter how i tried. In the end someone from high school was on there too...and thats all I remember.

So the other night I had a dream I was with dope smugglers... on the rivers possibly in florida as I was watching some of them being eaten by crocs. Thats all I can remember from that one.. last night I dreamt about these purple birds that's it.

A few changes happening in my life atm. Im doing a lil more than usual. I almost fainted when I went to post a parcel today it was dead on 3kgs... just under !$100 later and it has been sent. I have cut down on letter writing... i used to go through a book of stamps a week now its more like a book every two weeks. Which is not so bad I guess.

I have to do a bit of digging with my art work and find some darker pieces.. should not be too difficult... there is one whole sketch pad that is virtually that. Well I guess thats it for the moment.


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