Thursday, April 15, 2010


So we left tuesday and arrived tuesday..coming home we lose a day. Scott greeted us at the airport .Hence we landed and were tired and very hungry as that plane food aboard Qantas was pretty bad.I had some chicken floatin in mushrooms of some description and for breakfast i chose an eggy thing of sorts... The coffee is absolutely vile...mum chose granola...she chose so much better than dad and I... the cattle class was so small..and cramped of course. Lucky i was wearing all black as it hid a multitude of stains. So the leg from la to huston the food was much nicer and the room a lot bigger. Th flight from their to biloxi gulfport,

So 36 hours of travel and im a lil maxed out, we just had one more flight and we had finally arrived... thank goodness for that. We were hungry and tired and jet lagged... they took us to a waffle house..a delicious plain waffle with maple syrup with a hot english breakfast tea. That was lovely... came home and slept til 7amish.

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