Thursday, April 15, 2010

Coast Guard

Woke up around 7am.. went out at about 11amish to meet one of scottand jesses friends who is a coast guard. So we were all strapped in and ready to go on the boat.. scott and jess were at the back hooked on whilst we were in the cabin... jess got drenched. It was pretty funny..the boat went super fast. Dad was grinning ear to ear.. you couldnt wipe the smile off his face... mum too. We all had a good time. Stopped off for lunch i had a pappya, berry and banana smoothie which was delicious.
The thing i have noticed is that americans love their coupons! ALOT!

Wednesday, one of thei ry morning at home. Came home and slept for a few hours. When I woke up its was around 5:30pm ish.. in time fordinner. It was scotts birthday too, so we went out for dinner. Cant remember what the place is called but we started out with an entree of fried onion (sheeessshh) (who would have thought) hand some buns with cinnamon and maple butter that was delicious. For the main I didnt order steak as im not fond of it at all. Soi ordered a chicken was HUGE. It will do for mum and i for lunch today.Its good that you can take the left overs home.. that's generally not allowed in oz. I had sprite. with it too. I DO NOT think that the word SMALL is in the southern eateries vocabs! Its big or bigger. certainly SUPERSIZE me!

I was talking to Jess about one of my favorite loves.. cooking... now I am making Scotts birthday cake um hmm. I found a diabetic angel food cake recipe...or a plain vanilla diabetic cake. I am not sure yet... have been looking up recipies all morning! Mum is making the potato salad for the bbq and I am making my dip. I will have to check at the grocery store though. You know I have come to realise that the american way does suit Scott very much so. I am not sure why!

Well its only 11amish now.. and I am starving.. might go eat the leftovers!

ciao for now.

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