Monday, April 19, 2010


Would you believe the cake was an absolute disaster! I used the wrong flour and it turned out rubbery and flat! SO BAD! jess iced it some people liked it.. i wanted to throw it out. So far ive had some pretty interesting food. Some meat called a briscit.. smoked meat with some sort of rub on it (for 11 hours or something) far too smokey for my liking. I had this beautiful fruit salad with apple, blueberries, cantelope, mandarin covered in a lil honey and loads of cinnamon.. so im going to make that at home. I ended up using a packet mix cake which is pretty pooor form really. *sighs

ive been feeling really really ultra sad too. Been crying a hell of a lot.. like the depression has hit me here on holiday. So ive been drawing my way through it. I have not done this much drawing in a long long time. I have my beautiful markers, ive gone through a few colours and shall have to head to an art store soon . So ive been drawin. Some of my pictures are rather beautiful. if i do say so myself)

I have not had a decent cup of coffee since I arrived. Its quite bad. have to put a lot of coffee in to get a decent cup, oh well. One should open up a hudsons instead of starbucks, i think. Perhaps you have to adjust to it... oh well. Right now its almost mid morning and I am sitting here in a condo that overlooks a private beach with swimming pools, tennis courts, spas a few places to eat. Its relaxing, Ive been reading too. Still the book about a cat who helped a family to heal. True story.

I have tried red velvet cake for the first time, really rich. Might attempt to make one when i get home, make them into cup cakes. The one thing I forgot to pack was the cord for the camera so i can put photos up on here. Well almost time for breakfast.Will write more later alligator.


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