Friday, April 23, 2010

more notes

Yesterday, we set out to go shopping, armed with our dvd list and a list of things from the shooting/hunting/fisihing type store we set off. First stop was a place called
Pro something store to see if they had some things for louise and allen. No luck there though. Inside the store they had an aquarium with waterfall, lots of tshirts with red neck jibes. I found them amusing anyhow.

After that it was around 11ish went to scott and jessica's fav restaurant called Felix's mainly seafood. Had crab cakes with a side order of beans and almonds, they were so smokey though. It was a really nice meal. After that ordered a key lime pie, which was delicious. I couldnt work out the creaminess of it. Jess looked it up its eggs, sweetend condensed milk, sugar, limes and graham crackers. I think Im going to attempt to make it when I get back to oz. Not straight away though! The place overlooked the ocean and was very busy even at that time of the morning apparently it is busy right through from morning to evening.

After that I went off to hunt down the dvds. I bought a few, left mum to find the rest as I headed to the book store. I bought a couple of trashy novels to read , they had some nice journals there too, but im still going in the one i bought here. (just) Came home and later that evening jumped on the internet and ordered some dvds off amazon. Hopefully they will arrive by monday as we fly out tuesday afternoon.

I went to bed at 1ish this morning woke up at 7ish and then went back to bed for another few hours as I was so tired, my eyes were giving in. Its now 11ish and I am about to have morning tea. Today, am going heading to an art gallery with jess and dad. Mum is heading to the casino! I have chosen not to go there.

write more later alligator


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