Sunday, April 25, 2010


Had breakfast out at a place i ordered french toast, mum ordered the best, pancakes.. light and fluffy. After that went to drop jess off at work at the pet store.. went in for a look, you can get a headchog there, they are so so cute also lil turtles,, snakes and kitty cats and dogs. So that was interesting.

Went shopping today, again, clothes this time. Found a few nice pieces of clothing, a few things for other people. Came home, watched some of the unit and spent some time drawing. Stayed in as it was raining. The rainfall they get here is quite something we need it oz.

Ok so its sunday now, my birthday! I think this trip is enough of a gift for me. So i don't need or want anything. Off mum and dad i am getting the bbc series of ladies no1 detective agency. It should be here monday. 32 today.. eeeep getting old. I am not sure how the day shall unfold.

Went out to a smoothie cafe, had a wasabi and beef sandwhich with kettle like chips. I just wanted something simple. After that went to wallmart, they have everything there... so I bought some things for friends at home, plus some drawing paper. I got some coloured markers... but they are actually paint ones, arcylic. So i will experiment with them when i get home. I fastly running out of my letra so i will need a whole new set! (They are totally worth it though) Scott and Jess bought me a red velvet birthday cake, will have that after dinner I think.

We are going to go feed some horses later. All in all a lovely birthday. I sipping on a drink. Thanks to all. and to all the people who sent their birthday wishes. Will write more later.

ciao for now

more later

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