Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Not To

Today I was out and about early.. bought a coffee, sat with mum this morning at her work. I did not post my letters so i shall tomorrow. I am feeling ill at ease at the moment. I think its leading up to the time I travel. How to calm those butterflies i shall never know. Mums answer is :"pop a valium al" really helpful that one! I would just become a pill popping queen.

So I got all these beautiful stickers at the moment, i allowed myself $10 in the scrapbooking shop. I feel blue still, i should be the opposite but I'm not. I got my suitcase of art work out, i have to clear it, I might have an art clean-out tomorrow. I have to pack up, buy some sheets to cover my work in. Pack up all my paints. Feels like there is some finality to it all. I know its only a couple of weeks but my psychosis is telling me otherwise. What should I believe? Reality versus psychosis?

Its a day to stay indoors and curl up with a good book/dvds. I bought a book called The Childrens Story... its quite chunky, and the print in it is so fine if it wasnt it would be a 2 part novel. So Im going to keep that for my travels I think.

best be off now
more later

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