Saturday, April 3, 2010


_XXXXXXXXXX _____________XXXXXX________XXXXXX
__XX::::::::::XX _____________XX:::::XX____XX:::::XX
__XX::::::::::XX ______________XX:::::XX__XX::::::XX
__XX::::::::::XX ____XXXXXXX____ XX:::::XXXX::::XX
__XX::::::::::XX ___XX::::::::XX____ XX::::::::::::XX__XXXXXXX_
__XX::::::::::XX ___XX:::XX::XX _____ XX:::::::XX__XX::::::::::XX
__XX::::::::::XX ___XX:::XX::XX ______ XX::::XX__XX:::::XX::::::XX
__XX::::::::::XX ___XX::::::::XX _______ XX:XX___XX::::::XXXXXX
__XX::::::::::XX ____XXXXXXX __________ XX____XX::::::XX___
__XX::::::::::XX ____________________________XX:::::::::XXX
__XX::::::::::XXXXXXXXXXX ____________________XXXXXXXXX

____█¶¶█_________ _█¶¶██
__¶¶¶●´¯)¶¶█__ ¶¶¶●´¯)¶¶¶█
_ ¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶ ¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶
_¶¶¶¶*.'*.'* §¶¶¶¶¶*.' *●´¯)¶¶¶¶
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¶¶*.'*.'* ¶¶¶¶*.'*.'*.'*.'*.'●´¯)¶¶█
¶¶*.'*.' ¶¶¶*.'*.'*.'*.'*.'´¯)¶¶██
¶¶*.'* ¶¶¶*.'*.'*.'*§¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶██
_¶¶* ' ¶¶*.'*.'*.'¶¶¶¶*¶¶*██
(➊) ¶¶¶¶*¶¶¶¶*'*.'*.'*●´¯)¶¶¶█
_██ ¶¶¶*¶¶¶¶*.'*.'*.'*.'●´¯)¶¶¶█
___██ ¶¶¶¶¶¶¶*.'*.'*.❤´¯)¶¶██
_____██ ¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶██
_____ (¯)██ ¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶

found these on the net! LOVE them! Yes so i went shopping today. a few egss here. a few eggs there verywhere eggs eggs! So I also bought this lovely purple cardigan today... so lovely! Will have to take it for a "spin" . Found a beautiful handbag for mum, may buy it for her birthday! May have to put it on laybuy. So its a week and a few days out now! Shheesh trime sure does bloody well fly (and im not even having fun) hehe.

Anyhow its late here.. the clocks go back so one hour more of sleep.Well im using that houer not its around midnightish. I sat reading for an hour...Somtiems it really hits home that im 31 and single still. Especaily when your reading romantic/love stories about various types of love. (plus i was listening to the cure at the time) I was just in absolute tears. Perhaps it is me. Perhaps I am not ready in myself. I feel so bloody old now. Making it awkward to make new friends and move on in life.

One productive thing i did do today clean out my bottom of my much shit in there. Got rid of some scrapbooking paper i will never use... sorted out my ribbon bag colour coded them into order! I know sounds odd... but i like shades of colour to match up.... It thats one thing i am fussy about.. (in a long list of other things im fussy about)

Of its one thing i have ot done is this.. Im up watching rage! Holy Moly! I flipped it over and nick cave was one singing Babe Im On Fire... ace music clip.. never seen it before..and who ever the guests are they are to some pretty damned fine stuff! YAY! Call it comfort food for my heart. ergghh.

welpers im off now. Have a good day

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