Friday, April 23, 2010


Went to an art museum today. Took in the sights of some beautiful artwork with jess and dad.. Lovely paintings, lovely hand blown glass.. there was this one piece there that was all wood that looked amazing. I liked it a lot. Couldnt take photos of course.. i looked in the gift store to see if they would have a post card of that but they didn't. So i ended up getting this lil picasso card with some quotes as stickers on them. After that called into krispy cream and had a doughnut and a very sweet coffee.

Sat around drawing for most of the evening mostly.. whilst they are watching this tv series called the unit. I just about out of book to draw in. Went out and had a burger for dinner. When i get home, im going vegetarian for a while, need to detox myself from all this meat and fried foods I have been eating here. Quite a bit. Mum went out to the casino, enjoyed herself, i imagine.

I have been a lil sad again. Ive been trying to draw my blues away, not successfully though. I am going to save some money when I get home start putting away a rainy day fund.. i may also start going back to doing the markets too. Im not sure yet. Just have to make it back to oz first.

So not alot else happening this evening. So i think Ill stop there.



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